Pilot Certified Waitron Course


Become a certified Pilot user today!

By completing this introductory course, you will receive Pilot certification and become a verified Pilot user. StellieTech is the only platform which offers accredited Pilot training in the country.

As a waitron, it is crucial to know how to use the Point of Sales (PoS) system effectively. It will enable you to work faster, be better and avoid crucial mistakes from day one.

Pilot Software is the most popular PoS system for restaurants in South Africa. Now, with the aid of this course, not only will you be job ready, but you can prove it by being certified.

After successful completion of this course, you can be confident that you will know what it takes to work on the Pilot PoS system and more importantly, your employer will know you have the necessary capabilities from the start, which might also mean you become a preferred candidate for employment.

This course consists of all the training that you will need before operating the Pilot PoS system as a waitron. You will then put the skills you have learnt in our demonstration videos to the test, in our built-in practice labs, and to assure that the knowledge is retained, you will be assessed along the way with short quizzes.

The final examination opportunity, once passed, will allow you to become a certified Pilot user, at waitron level. This course is made in collaboration with Pilot and StellieTech,  and is accredited by Pilot as the only Pilot (PoS) accredited user program.



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3 Hours


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